wagner GmbH - we are a certified ENERPAC contractual partner

For more than 50 years the repair of machines and plants as well as the construction of special machines has been a matter close to our heart. We serve customers in almost all industrial sectors.

In order to guarantee an efficient and innovative service, we already work together with our distribution partners Palfinger, MAFI and Westfalen.

We are very pleased and proud to announce that we are expanding our partnership portfolio with ENERPAC and all ENERPAC brands such as Mirage and Equalizer.

ENERPAC is a world-leading supplier of industrial tools, torque and tensioning devices and solutions for precise lifting, lowering and positioning of heavy loads. Its comprehensive product portfolio offers leading technologies for world-class performance, durability and safety.

Our employee Mr. Aksu is at your disposal for purchase, service and also for various questions concerning the products, application possibilities under different challenges or also product assemblies for different industrial applications.

Yours sincerely

The wagner Team

Mr. Aksu

Fachbereich Enerpac
+49 2403 8774-90
+49 173 6725553
+49 2403 8774-30

ENERPAC - Products

Cylinders and lifting devices

  • Multi-purpose cylinders, industrial cylinders, long stroke cylinders, heavy duty cylinders, single and double acting, with lock nut
  • Aluminium cylinders, single and double acting, with lock nut
  • Telescopic cylinder, multi-stage, single-acting
  • Flat cylinder, ultra flat cylinder, short stroke cylinder, single acting
  • Hollow piston cylinders, single and double acting
  • Aluminium and steel jacks
  • Pumps and cylinders, Power Box - Portable tool sets
  • Hydraulic jack, Mobile lifting system

pumps and 3- & 4-way valves


  • Lightweight and steel hand pumps
  • Foot pumps, hand pumps for various liquids
  • Ultra high pressure hand pumps


  • Battery-operated hydraulic pumps
  • Compact series, submersible pumps
  • Z-class pumps with universal motor, Z-class pumps with induction motor
  • Pumps with split flow


  • Air-hydraulic and Turbo II Air pumps
  • Air operated foot pumps
  • Modular air pumps

Fuel pump

  • Hydraulic fuel pumps

System components and control valves

  • Hydraulic hoses, hydraulics, couplings, distributors, control panels, screw connections
  • Pressure gauge, glycerine filled, dry
  • Force gauge, pressure gauge for test purposes
  • Digital pressure gauges, pressure gauge sets
  • Quadruple distribution unit, pressure gauge accessories, pressure and flow control valves


  • Bench, workshop, roller frame presses
  • Press yoke, C-form presses, tension and pressure load cells
  • Accessories for presses, application suggestions


  • Universal fume cupboard, yoke fume cupboard
  • Bearing and bearing shell puller
  • Mechanical Posi Lock® Pullers, Hydraulic Posi Lock® Pullers

Hydraulic tools

  • Maintenance tools, Punching machines, Hydraulic machine jacks
  • Rolling Wagons
  • Spreaders, Hydraulic wedge cylinders
  • Hydraulic cutting equipment
  • Pipe bending sets

Bolting device

Controlled tightening and loosening

  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque wrenches
  • Manual torque multipliers, high performance connectors
  • Hydraulic hexagonal torque wrenches, UltraSlim cassettes, torque wrenches with roller cassette
  • Electric torque wrench pumps (portable)
  • Air operated screw pumps, electric booster pumps, ultra high pressure air pumps

Screw connection and separation

  • Hydraulic nut splitters and flange spreaders
  • Industrial, graduated spreaders (mechanical and hydraulic)
  • Flange alignment tools (mechanical and hydraulic)

Heavy duty hoists

  • Synchronous lifting systems
  • Step Lift Systems, Jack-Up Step Lift Systems
  • Heavy duty strand jack
  • Synchronous and autonomous load positioning systems (SyncHoist)
  • Telescopic hydraulic portal crane
  • Sliding systems, self-propelled modular transporters
  • Tailor-made solutions

Hydraulic clamping technology

  • Clamping and support cylinder, push-pull cylinder
  • Accessories for cylinder (clamping), Collet-Lok
  • Pumps and pump units for clamping technology
  • Valves
  • Pallet components
  • System components
  • SafeLink Wireless & Environmental Monitoring

ENERPAC - Catalogues (PDF)


Simplex Enerpac Hitz Katalog
Simplex Enerpac Hitz Katalog



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