We have a passion for repair work

  • We make spare parts ourselves as required
  • All repairs are documented
  • We carry out the design work for you
  • We don’t just “replace spare parts”
  • Repairs are of course carried out in conjunction with on-site machining on your premises, delivery of nitrogen, etc.
  • Our focus is always on improvement

Hydraulic & mechanical presses

We repair hydraulic and mechanical presses and provide the necessary documentation; we also make new machines and convert existing ones with CE conformity certificate. We also service and repair Panstone presses.

Hydraulic cylinders

We repair hydraulic cylinders and provide the necessary documentation. We also make new hydraulic cylinders and convert existing ones.

Hydraulic, pneumatic & lubrication systems

We offer service management and maintenance for hydraulics, pneumatics and lubrication systems. wagner GmbH is a contract partner of Lincoln / SKF lubrication systems.

Service management

We maintain machines and systems, and carry out scheduled and unscheduled repair work.

Weld repairs

Welding repairs

We carry out professional welding repairs using all standard welding procedures; in particular, on fine-grained steel, steel structures, machine bodies, construction machines and cranes, including on-site service. We also carry out conversions and modifications, and make booms and attachments. We are certified to DIN EN 1090-2:2018 EXC3 by TÜV Rheinland.

Power plant technology

We machine turbine parts, valves, coal mill components and other parts, usually in the course of on-site machining on your premises.


We repair gearboxes (including older types) of all sorts and sizes, and provide documentation, even if the manufacturers do not. Modern test procedures such as US testing and spectral analyses are used in this process. We work with very experienced and flexible gearing specialists.

Machines & systems

We repair, design and manufacture machines and systems in many industrial areas. We develop special machines and produce spare parts in accordance with patterns and drawings.

Conveyance technology devices & systems

We repair conveyor systems and produce new components to meet customer requirements.

Construction machines

We have many years of experience in repairing and servicing construction machines. We carry out conversions and modifications, and make booms and attachments. We also take care of crane caterpillar tracks made by HITACHI.

Crane service & crane repairs

We repair large cranes, e.g., in ports, mainly by making spare parts in combination with on-site machining and welding work. We are contract partners of Palfinger and have excellent training in all areas of service and repair.

Repair welding

Repair of cast parts

We repair cast parts or find solutions for you. In doing so, we use and alter steel and cast structures, and utilise appropriate welding procedures. And of course, we also make new parts.


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